1. paramountcy Health check - up for children

Does your child get recurrent diseases? Does your child have poor scholastic performance? Does your child get tired very soon? In a country like India, the prevalence of diseases like anemia and hypothyroidism is quite high. Children may also be suffering from diabetes or other chronic illnesses. Screen them with the paramountcy Health Checkup to make appropriate diagnosis and start treatment early.


blood group and rh-Typing, complete blood count, urine routine, calcium, alkaline phosphatase, sugar, CRP, TSH, bilirubin, creatine, cholesterol, aso

market price - 900

OUR PRICE - 670 only

2. paramountcy Health Check-up for Women

Do you suffer from constant body pain, headache, weight-related problems, eating disorders, menstrual irregularities or infertility? Women are often diagnosed with diseases at a later stage, mostly due to a lack of awareness. Stop turning a blind eye to your symptoms. Screen yourself with our array of diagnostic tests, which will make early diagnosis and treatment possible.


complete blood count, blood group and rh-Typing, blood sugar (fbs,ppbs), urine routine examination, lipid profile, liver function test, renal function test, thyroid function test, HBsAG, ecg, ultrasound abdomen / pelvis

market price - 2850

OUR PRICE - 2200 only

3. paramountcy Health Check-up for men

In general, men have a higher chance than women to fall prey to conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, hypertension and liver problems. No matter what your age, it is always better to take clinical tests to maintain your health and control health conditions. Male health is mostly related to behavioural and social factors. If screened and diagnosed early, it can be treated easily. Your responsibility in taking care of your body will ensure the quality and quantity of life.


complete blood count, blood group and rh-Typing, blood sugar (fbs,ppbs), urine routine examination, lipid profile, liver function test, renal function test, HbA1c, PSA, ecg, ultrasound abdomen scaning

market price - 3250

OUR PRICE - 2777 only

4. paramountcy senior citizen our pride female / male

People over the age of 60 belong to a high-risk category of developing diseases like diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, heart disease, connective tissue disorders and so on. Common diseases of the elderly can be kept well under control if diagnosed and treated early . Are u a senior citizen diagnosed with a disease that requires regular treatment and follow up? Do you find it difficult to reach your laboratory and wait in long queues? At paramountcy, we provide you a panel of tests, at subsidised rates.


complete blood count, blood sugar (fbs, ppbs), lipid profile, liver function test, renal function test, blood pressure, microalbuminuria, HbA1c, calcium, phosphorus

market price - 2040

OUR PRICE - 1350 only

5. paramountcy diabetic care package

If you suffer from symptoms like excessive thirst and hunger, delay in healing of normal wounds, frequent urination and tingling sensation in your feet and hand, it’s quite possible that you are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent complications like diabetic foot, kidney failure and blindness. If you are already a diabetic patient, routine evaluation and monitoring of blood sugar is very important.

Screening for complications improves the quality of your life by reducing the risks associated with diabetes.


complete blood count, blood sugar (fbs, ppbs), lipid profile, urea, creatine, HbA1c, urine micro albumin, urine routine,

market price - 1190

OUR PRICE - 850 only

6. paramountcy healthy heart check-up

We often come across people who are apparently healthy, developing sudden cardiac arrest. Most of such cases could have been avoided, if the diseases had been diagnosed earlier. The Healthy Heart Checkup is a panel of cost-effective investigations targeting early diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases.
If you belong to any of the following groups, you are more prone to develop heart disease and need regular screening.



People suffering from obesity

Patients diagnosed with diabetes/hypertension

Patients with a family history

of cardiac diseases


blood sugar (fbs), lipid profile, sgot, sgpt, cpk - mb, hs CRP, ecg, blood pressure, complete blood count, trop - i

market price -2305

OUR PRICE - 1700 only

7. paramountcy thyroid package

Do you suffer from hair fall, mood swings, frequent weight fluctuations, extreme tiredness, change in voice, constipation, or menstrual irregularities? If so, it is best to check for a malfunctioning thyroid gland. Especially so, if there is a family history of thyroid disorders.

Thyroid disorders may result in irregular heart beats, infertility, hair loss, weight gain, increased cholesterol, and so on. Children born with hypothyroidism, if left untreated, may develop deafness, growth retardation and mental retardation. Fortunately, if detected early, most of these disorders can be treated easily.

paramountcy Labs Thyroid Package helps in early detection of thyroid disorders.


triiodothyronine (t3), total thyroxin (t4), thyroid stimulating hormone, micro somal antibody (tpo), thyroid scan, free t3, free t4

market price -2200

OUR PRICE -1780 only

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